Wish you were here?

So as summer starts to call and thoughts turn to travel, where will you be taking Scrivener this year?

I’m currently spending a few days in Paris for some rest and writing. Sitting in a cafe by the Louvre, Scrivener is fired up and I have to write 500 words before I can go wandering.


But curses to wi-fi access, the fuel of procrastination!

Well, it won’t be Paris and it won’t be a vacation, but I’ll be taking my iBook et al around the country this summer. My next project will take me back to New Orleans, where I went recently to do some volunteer work. I lived in NO for many years and will be going back at least once this summer. Perhaps more. I’ll also be making treks out to NYC and Princeton, NJ. Scrivener will be my companion on all of these visits, along with my new Palm Treo and the wireless keyboard I hope to have soon (thanks Jot!).


I’m going to pretend I’m in sitting in a cafe in Paris. In fact, I’m starting right now.