Wishlist: bulleted lists

When several notes have been merged, it would be nice to be able to apply/remove bullets so that items that wrap can be easily distinguished from each other (e.g., the wrapped text is slightly indented, and there is slightly more line spacing between bulleted items than between wrapped text for the same item).


I’m not following what it is you are looking for here that doesn’t already exists. It sounds like you are describing what can be done with the Format/Lists/ sub-menu? There isn’t much control over how they work, if that is what you are asking about, as in we don’t have much control over how they work, and thus cannot pass any configuration options along to you in the front-end.

Hi Amber,

I know this is a LONG time to revive a topic but I need Numbered Lists in Scapple MacOS (that automatically update when you add a carriage return or delete an item). I waste so much time renumbering chapter lists when things move around.

I saw this response saying Format/List and see no such thing on my menu. Is there a way to add a list and if not, I’d love it as a feature for a later release.


It looks like I was confused about the topic when I wrote that, and was thinking the question was about Scrivener.

There aren’t any plans to add listing to Scapple, and if it did, it would be little more than what you can already do by typing in the numbers or bullets. Notes aren’t complicated rich text fields. They are just simple plain-text fields with a small amount of markup.