Wishlist: Click-Drag awareness

I have things set:
Binder (selected item opens in the left Editor);
Left Editor (selected item opens in the right Editor).

I have the left Editor locked, in outline, showing among others, folder 1;
I have the right Editor unlocked, in outline, showing folder 2 etc… (Throughout, the relative levels of the folders does not seem to matter.)

I drag an item from left-editor folder 1 to a place in the Binder outside folders 1 and 2.

Upon clicking that item for the drag, the right Editor loses its outline mode and shifts to showing the item that is being dragged from folder 1 to the Binder.

I know why it happens, but couldn’t Scrivener wait a millisecond or a thousand to notice that the item is being dragged before it treats the selected item as one the contents of which I want displayed in the right Editor?

I know too that I could lock the right Editor also, but that requires the extra two steps just so I can reorganize things (having no need to look inside).

(And there is a curious after-effect: Once I ‘drop’ the item in the Binder, the right Editor does not ‘stay with it’ – Instead, the right Editor goes to showing the item in folder 1, container or document, that was immediately above the dragged item.