WishList Request: Text-To-Audio File, or Text-To-Speech-To-Audio File

I gave this a ‘wishlist’ tag when I posted about this on the Windows forum, but wanted to post this here, in order to give this maximum ‘visibility’.

I am pretty sure that there is not yet a way to convert or capture the audio from the Text-To-Speech feature, nor that there is a way to directly convert Text to Audio, and to do that immediately, by file conversion, as opposed to having one’s computer / Scrivener having to play or record the text in real time before converting it.

I would find it useful to be able to listen to my writing on my Android mobile when I am out-and-about, and an audio file of my writing would satisfy that need (and being able to generate that audio in a few seconds would be an essential part of this).

In the other thread I created about this, third-party conversion software was discussed, but that is not what I am after.

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2nd this request. Thanks!