Wondering where my pretty yellow backdrop came from!?

Okay, I’m not that tech-savvy and use only the basic features in Scrivener. So, when I attempted to print the first 3,000 words of my draft novel and then convert the pdf file to a docx file (online2pdf.com) I ran into a problem I just can’t understand! I have these questions:

  1. How in the world do I set margins to 1" all around? Be gentle with me. I tried this several times at File >Page Setup >Settings > Save as Default > Format For: (my HP printer) > Paper Size: US Letter > Scale: 100%.

  2. What actually came out of my printer, after several attempts, was a document with 1 5/8 margins on three sides and about 1 1/2 on top; the pretty yellow color background on the first 2 1/2 pages (see attachment) and, all my italics converted back to regular type?!?

Thanks a million for a detailed response!