Won't Compile to Word

I have compiled in the past and it worked fine. I have been trying to compile since yesterday. I either get a blank word document or I get an error message. I reinstalled previous version based on another message on the board, but I am still having the same problem. The files are checked for “Include in Compile” and “Compile As Is”. Am I missing a step?


A couple things to check to start:

  • What exactly is the error message you’re receiving?

  • What format exactly are you compiling to (.doc, .rtf. or .docx)?

  • Documents set to compile as-is always compile just their text and nothing else, so if you’re trying to compile just titles and synopsis, for instance, and don’t have any document text at the moment, having all the documents set to “as-is” will end up with an empty compiled document. Have you double-checked that the documents you’re compiling do have main document text?

I’m not getting the error message anymore, so I can’t tell you what it is.

In Scrivener, I have a folder with 19 documents in it. All 19 documents have main content text. I’ve unchecked the Compile As-Is box and still have the Include in Compile box checked. When I hit the compile button, the “Contents” area is empty and it produces a blank word document (I’m trying to compile to .doc).

Ah, have you double-checked that the documents are in fact subdocuments of the Draft folder and not just listed below it in the binder but at the same level? If the Contents pane is empty, that’s the most likely scenario. Just select them all in the binder and then either drag them onto the Draft folder or right-click and choose Move To > Draft.

Yep, I double-checked and they are “in” the folder. I’m still getting an empty contents and an empty doc on compile.

In the drop-down menu at the top of the Contents pane, is the “Draft” selected (or whatever the equivalent is in your project, e.g. Manuscript)? It’s possible to choose a collection or subsection of the Draft as the compile group, so it’s possible an empty collection was selected. The group wasn’t remembered in earlier versions, so it seems unlikely this is the problem but it’s worth a check. Otherwise, a screenshot of the compile pane (showing Contents) and of the binder might be helpful to spark some ideas.

I’ve attached a screen capture. Thanks.

Ok, going by the screenshot, the issue is that your files aren’t inside the “Draft” folder. It’s not necessarily obvious though because your Draft folder has been renamed to “When the boss gets jealous” (or so I assume, the screenshot shows “jea…”). It’s the one just above “Chapter 1” in your screenshot, with the unique icon of the stack of papers with the white cover page. Just select all your documents that should be part of your manuscript and then either drag them onto that document so they are placed inside it (they’ll be indented slightly below it) or use the context method to choose Move To > When the boss gets jealous (or its correct name), and you should be good!

Ok. Thanks.