Won't compile

I’m testing Scrivener out on a mac pro Snow Leopard. Using the excellent tutorial, I got down to compile, and the compile didn’t run. I followed instructions in Step 17, which demonstrates compiling, and Scrivener went into an extended, blue-on-white candy stripe loop. Is that because I have not yet bought the software, perhaps? :open_mouth:


No, that sounds like a bug, although I’m only aware of a bug in Compile on Leopard. Could you please try downloading the beta version in this thread:


If the problem persists in that version, could you please provide me with steps to reproduce? Which part in the tutorial won’t compile - that is, the tutorial describes trying out a few settings for Compile; does it fail with all of them?

Also, after compile fails, could you please go to ~/Library/Application Support/Scrivener/Logs in the Finder and look for a console.log file, open it in a text editor and copy the results here?


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WIll do as you suggested & get back to you. Thanks for the quick response.


I read your note carefully, then failed to comply with all of it.

I downloaded the Beta, opened it and found that the Compile function worked just fine. Shut down, then opened Scrivener again, and the problem reappeared. Realized that I should get rid of the original program, which I did, thus possibly destroying the possibility of giving you meaningful feedback. I have attached the log, however.

Just a comment: I have evaluated 3 writing programs. Yours is the best for me, and the fact that you got right back to me is both unusual with respect to normal web behavior and very much appreciated. I activated.

Scrivener log.pdf (638 KB)

Hi John,

Thanks for the log - that does indeed indicate a bug; an error was getting thrown during Compile. I think it’s one that I fixed recently, though, and if the beta works where the other version didn’t, that would seem to confirm this - please let me know if you see the problem again in the beta. (The beta will become the official version in the next couple of weeks, but you can continue working with it anyway.)

Thanks for activating! Much appreciated. Great to hear Scrivener suits you.

(Not sure who this Kevin person is who keeps getting the credit though…)

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