Howdy! I redownloaded scrivener and now it won’t open. I get a “Scrivener has encountered a problem and has to close” error.

I have the 2008 redistributable downloaded, as well as SP3. It used to work so now I’m majorly confused! >.<

I do have a couple of questions. You say you “redownloaded” it. Did it function before? What operating system are you running on? What made you decide to redownload and reinstall?

It used to work fine. I thought there was a new beta so I redownloaded it. Oddly I think I was wrong. I have no idea what messed it up. >.<

I’m on XP, SP3, and have the 2008 redistributable C++ package installed.

Okay, my advice, is uninstall. The proper way, by going into Control Panel, and uninstalling from there. Once Scrivener is uninstalled try to reinstall from your original download. Let me know if that gets the program opening again for you. There was an updated Scrivener.exe file created, but you weren’t meant to reinstall at all. But the first step is getting the program to open again before worrying about that.

Hmmm. Tried this. No “cigar”

Alright, next step is to try to figure out what changed between when the program worked on your computer and when it didn’t. Did you install anything else? Or update anything?

StarTigriss, is this still an issue?