Won't open most recent project after sleep?

So, this might very well be something wrong with my hardware (i’m getting my hard drive replaced next week for other weird glitches) but I thought I’d ask. When I shut my PB and put it to sleep with scriv still running (and sometimes after it’s just been inactive for a while), when I go back to scriv it won’t open the project I’m working on. The menu bar shows up, but nothing works to actually bring up the window with my writing project in it (I’ve tried restarting, opening the file itself instead of scriv, opening through “open recent” and through straight-up “open” and navigating to it, etc.)

Once I restart, though, all is fine. It’s just a pain to be restarting all the time. I’m running Leopard, fully updated, on a 12 inch PowerBook G4 1.33 GH processor with 1.5G RAM.

What say you, gentlemen? (In the inclusive sense, of course.)

Strange. When this happens, can you open up the console (from Applications/Utilities/Console.app) and see if any errors get reported there?

Sure, Keith, I’ll do it next time it happens. (I hope you’re having a lovely holiday, btw! It’s not every developer who would be answering support posts on his time away! :slight_smile: Thanks!)

Well, it’s doing it now, but I can’t see anything in Console from Scrivener. I do get a repeated (over and over) one from Quicksilver (An error occurred while scanning user accounts: launch path not accessible) and one from mdworker (CFPropertyListCreateFromXMLData(): old-style plist parser: missing semicolon in dictionary).

(I don’t think either of these are related, but what do I know? I posted them just in case!)

Can you get it to run again when you restart? If not, zip up the project and send it to me at support AT literatureandlatte DOT come. Otherwise, it may not be Scrivener related. That launchpath not accessible that QuickSilver is reporting may be part of the problem, though I’m not sure…

It doesn’t run again after i restart scriv, but it does run again after i restart the whole computer. (i realized i wasn’t clear about the distinction in my earlier post.)