Won't work using Crossover 17 on Mac

Thanks for your response, garpu, and the link to the other thread, which I have just read. I’m afraid I’m really not savvy in these matters.

Unfortunately, Codeweavers don’t say which version of WINE they use, merely “CrossOver 17 includes an updated Wine with thousands of improvements for Windows application compatibility.”

Also, as I’ve only ever used CrossOver, and with the exception a few years back of not being able to access the Mac file system itself using a Windows 7 bottle, where a Windows XP one worked, I have had no trouble. I installed it as my translation collaborator in China is on Windows and in the very early days there was a problem with Chinese in projects becoming hexified when opened on a Mac; until that was solved, I needed to use the Windows version, but didn’t want the expense of buying VM software and a copy of Windows, hence CrossOver. So winetricks is way beyond my ken.

I have continued to have it installed or available, so that if necessary I can simulate the environment she is working in for support purposes. Hence my wish to try Windows version 3 beta to keep abreast of when it might become usable for her, and to check for any Chinese–English Windows–Mac issues…

All of that said, come to think of it, I suspect the bottles I installed were 32-bit. I’ll try using 64-bit bottles to see if that makes any difference.

As a Mac user, clearly I don’t need a Windows version of Scrivener for my own purposes.


1.9.7 seems to run beautifully under CrossOver 17 in a Windows 7 bottle—64-bit feels very quick—but won’t install in a Windows 10 bottle. 2.9.01 behaves the same way whatever I try in terms of bottles. I can only presume it’s because there are .dlls or whatever missing as signalled in other posts, but I have no idea how to find and install them within the CrossOver environment.

So for the moment, I can’t do any testing. If I have time and inspiration, I might get together a list of the missing bits from the other threads and try taking it up with CodeWeavers.



Do you mean that you have 2.9.01 running in a Win 7 bottle under Crossover 17 or you can’t get it to run at all under Crossover 17? Do you get as far as the expiry window then another window that is either transparent or frozen?

Let’s put it this way, under Crossover 17, no matter whether I use a Windows 7 bottle (either 32-bit or 64-bit) or a Windows 10 bottle—I haven’t bothered to try Windows 8—Scrivener apparently installs properly, but when I click to open it, I don’t get any alerts, I just get what I posted in my screenshot:

Where above the CrossOver window you see the equivalent of the top bar of a miniature Mac window with its 3 “traffic light” buttons, and that is all. If I click on the green button—standard Mac procedure for opening in a new full-screen space—it opens a new space which is entirely black. If I hold down the Opt key while clicking on the green button—standard Mac procedure for expanding to full screen in the current space and retaining the MacOS menu-bar—that window top-bar moves below the MacOS menu-bar, expands right across the screen, but still has nothing below it.

It seems as if Scrivener is running, but the window drawing is not happening properly. And the only way to get out of both those scenarios is to do a “Force Quit”.

Scrivener 1.9.7, on the other hand behaves beautifully!


Thanks Mark.

No problem. :slight_smile:

In another thread, @garpu who runs Windows Scrivener under WINE on Linux, mentions having to have Speech SDK installed:

In another thread:

@garpu again says you need speechsdk and allfonts installed. I don’t know enough about Wine, Crossover or Windows to know how to set about that.


Yeah, this is exactly what it was doing for me when I didn’t have speechsdk installed. Can you install things via winetricks in crossover? Or install runtimes from MS, directly?

:slight_smile: I have no idea! I’m not enough of a geek. I guess the answer is to communicate with CodeWeavers (developers of Crossover) and ask them for advice/help.



You may want to reach out to Mr X with some directions. He’s a great guy, but in his words “what are you tech people talking about?” I’m sure if you sent him a direct list he could execute the steps but the discovery process is something a “normal human” can’t be expected to willingly do.

Hey Mr X. Hope you don’t mind my butting in on this.

Hi Jaysen, I don’t mind your butting in at all; and thank you for suggesting a list of steps to execute. :slight_smile:

However, since I don’t know how CrossOver works—to date it has just given me access to the Windows version for my limited needs—or WINE for that matter—nor do I know how to use winetricks or any command-line stuff in relation to CrossOver, even whether it’s possible, I think any solution is going to have to come from someone who is very familiar with CrossOver, preferably with the Mac version. From that point of view, the best people to approach would seem to be the developers, the support team or the CrossOver forum.

Mr X

Yeah, I could explain (in simple steps) how to get it working with WINE, but I have no clue about how Crossover does things. Since it’s a subscription-based thing, I can’t poke at it to see, either. Plus, things are likely going to be different since Mr. X is on a mac, and I’m linux. But since two Crossover users were having the same issue, I’m guessing it’s the speechsdk not being installed. But I don’t know how Crossover would handle it…I know Lutris and PlayOnLinux have utilities to do what winetricks (a script) does.

Last time I looked, crossover was wine. Just all polished and snazzy with someone to yell at when it needed a diaper change. But that was a Looooonnnnnng time ago.

Anyhoo, Mr X and Garpu, I have missed our infrequent interactions. Maybe we will have opportunity to conjure the personalities collectively referred to as Mr K and have some fun soon. Hopefully. But then … life… sigh.

I have posted a support request to Codeweavers regarding Crossover 17 not working with the Windows 2.9 version of Scrivener. I will post further information to this sub-forum. Fingers x for a solution.

For what it’s worth, the next beta will update the Qt framework from 5.9.3 to 5.10.0, which seems as though it has added better support for text to speech and may make some difference for the problem you’re seeing (assuming the issue is tied to the speech SDK and Scrivener’s use of the TTS engine). You might want to just hang tight until then to see if it fixes anything. It’ll be out before the end of next week.

Thanks garpu. That is precisely my position, so I have been onto CodeWeavers, a support ticket has been issued and I’m awaiting a response from one of their support team.

I’ll report back on the outcome.

You’re probably still right about CrossOver, but I gave up changing nappies 40 years ago! :unamused:

As for Mr K, his solution would probably be to give up completely and retire with a bottle of his “amber nectar”! :laughing:

Mr X a.k.a. Mark

which is likely the much smarter solution. Or at least the less stressful. I guess I will respect that wisdom with a little amber in my coffee this morning. What the employer doesn’t know…

Yeah, you’re paying for them to support stuff and figure stuff out. Us freebie WINE users have to do that on our own, or put up with snark in the forums. :smiley: (I kid. They’re pretty decent, so long as you use complete sentences.) Since there are a few bugs that affect WINE’s sapi.dll (which is what the speech stuff uses) when the native one isn’t present (because WINE has its own dlls, or can use native Windows ones), i’m guessing you’re bumping into those. Alerting the Crossover people to them might engender a fix for WINE sooner. :slight_smile:

Thanks. I don’t really know what all that means, but I’ll bear it in mind when they get back to me.



Reply from CodeWeavers:

So, some progress. I’ve written back saying I will need help/instructions how to install speechsdk into the bottle, but in the meantime will set about downloading it.


Reply from CodeWeavers:

So, some progress. I’ve written back saying I will need help/instructions how to install speechsdk into the bottle, but in the meantime will set about downloading it.