Word breaks for more evenly spaced justified text?

Is it possible to have scrivener automatically insert (logical) dashed word breaks for more evenly spaced justified text? I am compiling some books for Kindle format today, and trying to get everything just right.


Thanks much!

Does Scrivener > Preferences > Editor > Use Hyphenation do what you want?

Am just pitching in here.


The editor hyphenation setting is for the writer’s benefit, it doesn’t have any impact on exported or compiled text—it’s akin to the editor margin setting in that regard, something to make your writing environment more appealing, if you prefer. For Kindle, hyphenation is not fully supported on that platform, as a whole. Fortunately most Kindle devices don’t even try to justify and use ragged right. Either way, that is nothing that we as producers have any control over, much like we have no control over the font size or margin settings on a Kindle.