Word Cloud generation?

Dear All,

Is there a way to have Scrivener generate a “word cloud” in which the most used terms/keywords in a single document (or whole project) are organized in larger type and lesser-used terms are smaller? A visualization of which words are used/overused, or even an auto-generated list of the most used terms would be very helpful. I am thinking this might be a helpful way to determine what indeed are the keywords of a given document. I’d prefer not to use a web-based word cloud generator. Apologies if I missed earlier posts on this.


It’s not a word cloud, but you can generate a breakdown of word frequency stats via the Project > Text Statistics menu command. See the manual, section 21.3, for details.

Hope that helps.

Thanks, JimRac. Any thoughts on how to make a visual cloud/chart/table? ~glj

Sorry, I haven’t a clue. :frowning: