Word count access

I am unable to access word count via the outliner option. A window pops up but none are highlighted - so unable to both access or edit? Thanks for your help.

What specifically are you trying to do? The Outliner can display columns showing either total words for a group, or words for an individual document. (View → Outliner options) But there’s nothing like the “total words for selected items” that the Editor displays.

I’m trying to get a full project word count. I am unable to click on it via the outliner options
Thanks so much.

Project ->Statistics. Or, alternatively, the Quick Search bar at the top of the Scrivener window.

Couple of things - Have tried the stats option - it is not accurate
Wondering why I am unable to access the outliner options for a real word count

Are you in Outline view and is the cursor in the Outliner pane?

I am. The entire pane is gray and unavailable to click on

Please open a support ticket, here:

Please include a screenshot to help us understand what you’re seeing.