Word count and word target are disabled in Scriptwriting mode!


I’m just using Scriptwriting Mode lately and realize that when I’m in Scriptwriting Mode, the word count and word target for that document do not appear at the bottom bar. But when I toggle off to Standard Mode, they appear again at the bottom. It is annoying to toggle back to Standard Mode or other options (Outliner, Project Statistics) every time I check word count.

Hope that will be updated.
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I just toggled my project to Script Mode and jumped around through several scenes using the Binder and in every case my wordcount and daily/total targets were displayed in the title bar at the top where they always are, as blue or purple lines (possibly theme dependant) which change to numbers as I hover over them.

This worked in both Mac and Windows Scrivener 3.

Perhaps you have a different layout?

I think they are referring to the statistics in the footer bar. They are not present in script mode, since very few scriptwriters measure content in ways other than pages. The word/char stats are thus distracting clutter for most. But, if you use Page View mode, you will get a page counter in that area, where then the clutter makes sense to most.

And of course, for those that really do need a real-time word/char tracker while scriptwriting, you can just park the mouse over the Quick Search toolbar area, as Teriodin suggests.

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Hi Teriodin,

I see what you mean. But the word count you mentioned in the title bar displaying only for draft target (Total words in draft folder) and session target (all words you write more within the draft folder). Both of these do not show how many words in each individual document (even within Draft folder) while you are still in Script Mode. You have to toggle back to Standard Mode or other options (Outliner, Project Statistics).

That’s true. Keep in mind if you do want to use the footer bar stats, you can just hit the scriptmode shortcut twice. There is no harm at all in doing so—the feature is designed to be toggled on and off freely (some novelists like to use script format for dialogue while drafting, for instance).

Ah, sorry, my brain must have missed exactly what stat you wanted, @Missionary . My apologies. I’ll try to read better in future.

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