Word count at cursor

Greetings. I am one delighted Scrivener user, and as a professor I am constantly working on editing sometimes very long docs of 8000 or 9000 words, down to docs of 5,000 or 6,000 words in order to have them fit into a certain amount of reading time in lecture. What would help me a ton is a fast way to know how many words are in the document TO THE CURSOR POSITION. This would mean that I would no longer have to highlight sometimes many thousands of words back to the beginning of the document. It would be great to right click at the cursor position and see both the total word count of the document, and the words to the cursor position.
Thanks for considering.

Hi Tom,

You can actually already do this as follows:

  1. With no text selected, Ctrl-click at the location you want to count up to.

  2. In the contextual menu that opens, look in “Writing Tools”. You will see the word count up to the place you Ctrl-clicked there (or it shows the word count of selected text if any is selected).

Hope that helps.

All the best,

Thank you so much. I am not surprised it was in there. Sorry to trouble you.

Thank you for sharing article and information. this is very helpful for beginner.