Word count at the folder level

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Until this morning I have been able to click on a folder and it will calculate a word count based on the total of all the individual documents within in. It now doesn’t, it shows as zero. I know that the documents are residing in the folder because I can collapse and expand it. And each individual document shows a total (in the centre at the bottom of the window).

Any ideas?


I have windows but my first question is , are targets set for each individual file. When I click on a chapter where each scene has a target set is the cumulative word total and target count. Did you set document targets before. Is this true for all folders or only some???

Hi GoalieDad, thanks for responding.

This isn’t about targets, it’s purely about the calculation and display of totals. The total number of words is displayed at the centre bottom of the window. If I ‘shift’ and highlight more than one document it totals them. However if I click on a folder it displays zero words at the bottom. It uswed to total them and I don’t understand why it’s suddenly stopped doing that. And it’s stopped doing it for every folder, even the grand total if I click on the binder icon.


I played around and if in normal view each file shows a word count target or not but folders show zero. IF change to scrivenings view then each folder will show total of everything in the folder try changing to scrivenings view and see if that helps

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Where Scrivening view is automatic for a multi-selection of files and folders, you have to first manually activate it once after selecting a single folder. (It will after that automatically recall its active state, until you manually toggle it off.)

Turned off: image

Turned on: image

Brilliant Vincent_Vincent, worked a treat. I must have accidently toggled that off at some point.
Many thanks

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