Word count [BUG LOGGED]

In outline mode it had word count and total word count, then character count but they are zero and I am thinking they shouldn’t be. I am though just comparing from ywriter to this program

Can you explain this a bit further? If I have content in a document and view it on the outliner, I get an accurate word and character count in their respective columns. It looks like the Total versions of these columns are not functional yet.

I’ve also noticed this in outline mode. For example, I have a folder containing a list of documents, and in the word count column it displays 3, 10, 3 as the word counts for each document, which is accurate. However, when I go up a level to look at the whole folder (I select the parent folder in the binder, so I’m looking at a list in the outliner of three folders) it displays the word count and total word count for each folder as zero. Even though I know that one of the folders has 16 words written in it, in three documents.

If I make a document with, say, three words, as a subpage of the ten word one - I get the same issue. It displays the word count as ‘10’ and the total word count (what I would expect to say ‘13’, because of the subpage) as zero.

I’m assuming the “total word count” column isn’t functional yet?

“Total word count” is working for me. It shows a cumulative word count for a document, and all the sub-documents enclosed within it, while the “Word count” column only shows the words in that specifc document (excluding sub-documents). I hope that makes sense.

Anyway, key point is that it works. :slight_smile:

It does. And this is what I was expecting total word count to do, but it’s not working for me for some reason. What are you doing that I’m not??

“Total word count” isn’t working for me either. I’m on Windows 7.

I’m on Windows XP, SP 3

I’ve tried playing around with it but it still doesn’t seem to work… I wonder what nom’s using??

i am also running windows 7 and not receiving a total word count for the documents with sub-documents. I was wondering if it was just not working yet too. because i had been fiddling with it to so if they just weren’t grouped right or something but everything is the same weather i put them in a separate folder or not.

I have the same problem, I think. I’m also running Windows 7.

I have a folder called NaNo, and inside that folder, I have 5 more folders (Week 1-5) with 7 pages each (Day 1-7). In Corkboard view, if I right-click on, say, Week 1, it doesn’t show any count, where if I click on Day 1, it will show my count.

Same problem in Outline view: If I’m viewing the entire outline for the NaNo project, it shows zip in wordcount but will show my word count if I click on Week 1. Same thing with Draft View, only it will show count for any non-foldered docutments.

If it will help anyone, I can get screenshots.

I think Nom is confused and posting in the Windows forum with Mac tips again. :slight_smile:

The Windows version has these columns ready, but to my knowledge they are not wired up yet. They report ‘0’ no matter how many words are in the base document or documents beneath it.

Lol ok well that will explain it :stuck_out_tongue:

Any idea when this feature is going to be functional? As in… will it be working in later betas? I’m guessing it’s not a top proirity right now what with all the other swarms of bugs that need sorting out.

This is a bug/missing feature. Thank you. I’ve logged it.

I don’t have a word count at the bottom. Scrivener stopped working at random several times. Now I don’t have a word count. I either have to go to the text functions or full screen. I’m getting separate word counts on each section. Is there a way to get a full total of all completed work? I’m bouncing back and forth between sections for NaNo and it would be a lot easier to keep tabs with a complete count, not just by section. I haven’t updated with 1.2. Will that solve my problem? Thanks.

That is correct, the footer bar only shows the word count for the section(s) you are currently viewing; and if you are viewing something in corkboard mode it won’t show up at all. If you want to see a total count for the project, press Ctrl-T to load up the project goals window.