Word count bug

The word count that comes up in Project Statistics is not correct in the project I’m working on. It claims I have 28,249 words so far, but when I go to Project Targets, it pulls up the correct number (59,913).

If I click Manuscript in the binder and open Scrivenings view, the word count at the bottom is consistent with Project Targets (59,923, but I’m guessing it might be counting the title page or titles or something else).

I’m guessing this is a bug, unless I’ve flicked some toggle for a portion of my text without realizing it that’s keeping it from being counted.

Project Targets counts the text you would see loaded in the editor for your entire Draft, only excluding documents that have “Include in Compile” deselected if you have that option checked in the Targets dialog. Loading the complete Draft in Scrivenings will give you the same what’s-in-the-editor word count in the footer. Both of these are live counts, updating as you type, and so use this faster means of checking the word count.

Project Statistics uses the compile settings to give you a more accurate word count. It takes into account then not just the “Include in Compile” checkbox but the compile group (so, e.g., if you have selected only a subdocument of the Draft for compile, or if you have selected a collection, those are the only documents being counted) and also the other settings like what elements are being compiled–perhaps it’s set to compile only titles and synopses–or whether you’re adding titles or chapter numbers, etc. If your count looks way off, it’s best to check your compile settings; you may not have it set in a way that’s including your complete manuscript as you expect.

Thanks for that! I checked my compile setting and some of the boxes were not ticked, so I did an alt-click to select all of them and hit save. When I checked Project Statistics again, the word count was up to the right number.