Word count by keyword

Hi there. I was curious if there was a function I could use to do a word count by specific keywords.


If you mean files associated with a specific keyword like a pov character. You should be able to do this by searching for keyword using project search click inside search and hit Ctrl + A and then scrivenings view should give you a world count for the selected files.

Thanks so much. I don’t quite understand the instructions, could you be more specific?

Click the looking glass above the Binder to see the seach scope.and operators. Select Keywords.

Select all documents in the seach results in the pane covering the Binder.

Click the leftmost icon in the ButtonBox with three icons for the View Modes to to show all documents with keywords in the Editor in one View.

The word count should show in the center of the footer of the Editor.

Thanks, but when I click on the looking glass I’m presented with the following menu:

  • Project Search
  • Search in Document
  • Find by Formatting
  • Project Replace…

So when I follow your directions (which are great) I’m able to find the word count of all the aggregate document that mention the word I’m searching for (happens to be a character name) but the problem is that I’m unable to isolate which documents have specific metadata keywords.

In the Project Search pane, you’ll find a dropdown arrow at the left that gives you more options, including restricting the search to just keywords. Section 11.1.2 in the (Mac) manual discussions search options in detail.

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No such pane in Windows, sadly.

Sure there is. I just tested it. After you get the Project Search pane, click on the magnifying glass to the left of the search bar. I don’t have the Windows manual handy, but probably it has a nearly identical chapter to the Mac manual.


I found it. Amazing! Thank you, this is exactly what I was looking for.

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