Word count discrepancy

I am using the trial version for NaNoWriMo and love it! I definitely plan to purchase it.

I’ve been having one problem, though, with getting a consistent word count.

The cumulative word count in the little bar at the bottom was reading 26,700 (approx.) This fit with where I expected to be, right on schedule.

However, when I looked for the stats up at the top, I got two different counts. The larger (accurate, I thought) count for the manuscript as a whole, but the smaller number when I looked at project stats.

When I used the compiler, created an rtf file, and used the counter in my regular word processer to check I got the lower number again. So now I was starting to worry! 2000 words is a lot to lose :slight_smile:

Finally, I did a manual copy and paste of the entire text on Scrivener, pasting onto a “new file” in my Word program, and doing a word count. Finally, it was very close to the larger number. So I figure that’ what I’ll have to do when it comes time to submit for the final NaNoWriMo validation.

But I wonder what’s going on, both with losing almost 10 % of my word count with the compiler, as well as the inconsistent counts within Scrivener. Something I’m doing wrong?

Any help appreciated!

No idea but I’m seeing similar issues.

Word count on the Nano version of the trial Scrivener Manuscript folder in Scrivener is 41483.
Do a compile to Nano obfuscated output is plain text file
open in text edit
copy all then paste into the Nano word count tool in update my novel info and I get 41249 words