Word count - feature?[BUG LOGGED]

I’m sorry if I missed a possible answer to my following dilemma, but I can’t seem to find one in the forum.

I want to know the word count for a folder (i.e. a chapter) without having to add up the scene counts in the Outline view.
Is there any way I can see the respective word counts for each folder in particular? Maybe a new function included in the Outline View, in addition to Word Count, Character Count, Total Word Count etc. - one that tells me the word count for each chapter/folder, especially if the folders are not expanded?

Right now, the outline view of my chapters looks like below, and I have to add up the scene counts to find out how many words a specific chapter has.
Am I missing something? Or could this actually be a missing feature? If so - please please - include it in the release :stuck_out_tongue:
Folder word count 1.jpg
Folder word count 2.jpg

I just checked in Scrivener 2.0 for Mac, and the Total Word Count column does what you want. Which means (I’m guessing) that this feature has a bug in the Windows version. It should be showing total word counts for a folder’s text and the text of it’s “child” documents, but instead each folder is adding the word counts for all documents “above” it in the binder, plus the word counts of it’s child documents.

Once this bug is fixed, “Total Word Count” is what you’ll want.

Thanks for the info! Sounds like a bug indeed… I hope it will get fixed along with other word count related issues. Will get by with summing up my scene counts until then :wink:

Just to confirm, the math definitely is off and buggy here. Total Word Count should do exactly what you want: provide a summation of the container’s text (if any) with the text of all its descendants (not just immediately children).