Word Count for folders

Hi all,
I can no longer find out the word count in each folder (not individual document) like I used to.
Basically, I want to see in the footer what my word count is for the Draft folder etc.
Thanks in advance,


The footer only ever displays the count for an individual document. If you hover your mouse over the Quick Search box at the top of the Scrivener window it should show you your progress on your project and session targets.

You can also go to Project>Show Project Targets or Project>Statistics. Section 20.1 Goals and Statistics Tracking Tools in the manual (which is available in the Help menu) will tell you more about how you can access various word counts. As will this video https://www.literatureandlatte.com/learn-and-support/video-tutorials/setting-writing-goals?os=macOS

It still works for me.

You have to be in Scrivenings mode to see the word count for subdocuments in folders. Highlight the folder in the binder, and if it’s not already in Scrivening mode, press cmd-1. The word count will change to the count for the entire folder.


Yes, you are right it does. Never spotted that before. I so seldom look at the count in the footer.

So, in View>Editor Layout can you see Show or Hide Footer View?

Great stuff, that works! Ps What’s ‘Scrivenings mode’??

From inside Scrivener, open the manual or open a new Tutorial project and then search. Either one should introduce you to the wonders of Scrivenings – one of the central concepts for Scrivener.

Scrivenings is the ‘virtual documents’ mode, where you stitch together any number of individual documents in the binder (consecutive or otherwise) into one long temporary document, so you can see, for example, only scenes with character X in one go, and none of the ones where X doesn’t appear. While in the editor, toggle it with Cmd-1 (ctl-1 on Windows).

As Devin says, it’s a fundamental part of Scrivener, so please do the inbuilt tutorial ASAP - it will take about an hour and you’ll be set up to understand how Scrivener benefits you. It’s really worth your time.