word count for total project target differs on ipad from macbook pro

Hello, I’ve been puzzled to notice my total word count for the same project (saved and synced in dropbox) is stalled at around 14000 words on ios while it’s at over 45 000 words on my macbook pro.

The contents are the same on both devices and are synced on a daily basis. Side note: daily word count works fine.

Not a big issue : I can still work on my thesis and all the text is where it should be. I’m still wondering how to have this showing properly. my word count showing properly on the ipad.

Scrivener for iOS defaults to (or may be restricted to) only counting words of documents that are in the draft folder. Mac Scrivener can count words outside of the draft folder, unless you set it to only count the words of the documents in the draft.

On iOS, you can check if all your documents are in the draft folder (instead of just lower in the binder) by swiping left on the folder in the binder view, and choosing “Collapse”. If all of the documents of your draft are folded up into that collapsed folder, then the problem lies elsewhere. If they don’t get hidden from view, then you need to move those documents into the Draft folder.