word count from or to the cursor

Hi. Thanks a million for the great product. I have what may be a peculiar request, though maybe others will like it too. Would it be possible to offer word count from the current cursor position to either the beginning or the end of the document? I find in working in a long document I often want to know with some precision the word count to a particular place for pacing, for a sense of my overall word count target etc., and of course what I can do is select with the mouse the whole stinkin’ bit to the beginning or to the end, but I have often wished I could click on a word and have a menu option that would say, for instance, 4000 words to the beginning, 2000 words to the end. Any takers on this idea?



Another way to select to the end of a document that is a little faster than using the mouse and waiting five minutes for the scroll down is to press Cmd-Shift-DownArrow. Then just right-click and you have your total. Moving the cursor will jump you back to your prior spot automatically.


thanks. I guess it would help if I knew the Mac a little better. I didn’t realize it would do that. Now, I hesitate to ask for more basic help, but does Scrivener in fact give a word count for the selection? It seems only to give the overall word count at the bottom of the window. Thanks in advance.


Yes - ctrl-click on the selection and you will see the word and character count for the selection at the bottom of the contextual menu that appears.
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Thank you both so very much for the help.