Word Count gone, curly quotes vanished

I apparently hit something. And I can’t even blame the Qi Dachshund this time because he’s asleep.

My word count in the center of the bottom has vanished. There’s something over on the right calling itself “General Text.”

Oh. Okay. SOMEHOW I managed to put myself in scriptwriting mode. I don’t know how. But going to Format => Scriptwriting => and toggling that restored my word count. I also toggled the curly quotes and got them back. (Edit => Transformations)

(Yes, I did actually do a search of similar topics before posting. However, the Mac directions were confusing to this PC user, so I decided to go ahead and post that yes, I had a problem. However, it is solved this way, for any other PC users that might get squirelled up like I did.)

I’m glad you were able to get that resolved, Marilynx.

I’m just dropping by to add that on the PC, the Ctrl+8 keyboard shortcut toggles into and out of scriptwriting mode.

(I’m always toggling that setting on my Mac when I get typing too fast. The macOS keyboard shortcut is ⌘+8.)


Well, you just explained to me how I got where I was. I’d been discussing our next steps with my co-author in Discord. Discord, like this Forum software, uses an asterisk on either side of a word to italicize it. It’s usually faster to just Shift+* when typing rather than wait for the command to come up. Of course, when I return to Scrivener, there’s a penchant to start doing Shift+* instead of Ctrl+I for italics. I very likely accidentally hit the Ctrl+* when incorrectly hitting Shift+*, backing up, and doing the Ctrl+I.

I’ve disabled Ctrl+8 in Scrivener for this very reason. I don’t plan on writing screenplays anytime soon.

File > Options > Keyboard. Search on “Script”. Select Script Mode.

Press the ‘x’ to the right of the Key Sequence field to remove “Ctrl+8”. Press apply.

That’s all there is to it, and no more accidents. :sunglasses:


Thank you! Yeah, I’m not planning on any scripts any time in the next ten years or so. And if I do, I can always reinstate it.

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