Word count has reset

Yesterday, I closed Scrivener and was on day four of my story at 14,700 words.
I could see
1 May 2021 2145
2 May 2021 1670

Today, I opened it up and it only shows me today’s count.
5 May 2021 -273

Luckily I took a screen shot.
Any help appreciated.


Panic over. I think I found the cause and rectified the situation.

My old version of Scrivener for windows loaded when I hit windows and typed scrivener.
I think that ate my Writing History and upset my backups.
Luckily, I have been taking screenshots of my writing progress, so I had the figures.

I investigated and found the \Files\writing.history file
Rightly or wrongly, I have now edited the \Files\writing.history file while the application was closed.

<Day dwc="2717" dcc="14840" dtwc="2719" owc="1605" occ="9859" dtcc="14829">2021-04-28</Day>
<Day dwc="763" dcc="4169" dtwc="3482" owc="-3" occ="-20" dtcc="18998">2021-04-29</Day>
<Day dwc="1456" dcc="7798" owc="46" occ="340">2021-04-30</Day>
<Day dwc="2145" dcc="0" owc="0" occ="0">2021-05-01</Day>
<Day dwc="1670" dcc="0" owc="0" occ="0">2021-05-02</Day>


I added the missing entries, but I wasn’t sure what dcc meant, so I set it to zero.

I uninstalled the old version 1 of Scrivener now, so it won’t happen again.

I hope this helps someone else.