Word count in binder


I’d love to be able to see the word count in the binder, and have it intelligent enough for me to view the word count of all documents with a folder.

Currently for me (Maybe I’m missing something) it’s a pain to work out the word count for “a chapter” in that I mean a folder, with sub folders, and documents. I have to Click + Select all + Expand All + Select All + Edit Scrivenings.

How much easier would it be just to see the word count of everything in the binder.

Check out this thread. You can achieve the easy word count overview you’re looking for via the Outliner, as explained there.

As MimeticMouton points out, this is exactly what the outliner is for - the word count doesn’t belong in the binder.

Now in 2.0 we have a sub-document count in the binder and that’s handy - I would still love this feature.

It means I would very rarely ever need to go to the outliner at all in my work, and my workflow would be even smoother.

(With Scrivener as my co-pilot - is that even technically possible? Maybe… just maybe)

Yeah yeah I know it doesn’t “belong” there, but you could say that about a lot of the coloured and icon changes you can see in the binder that duplicate what you can see in the outliner

I’m just sayin’