Word count in Scrivener vs. Word

Scrivener’s detailed word count of my draft novel is 98,780. When I compile into Word for beta readers, the count becomes 99,447. I have double-checked that I’m using the same (total) selection of files/scenes in the ‘as compiled’ Scrivener word count and the Word document. Is this an artifact of a different word counting method. (Could it be that a hyphenated word like ‘back-flush’ is counted as one in Scrivener and as two in Word?

More curiously, when I compile out of Scrivener into PDF, the resulting file is missing the last 3 or 4 pages (though this does not happen with a Word compile.

Any thoughts?

If you search the forum for “word count” you’ll find that the algorithms used differ between softwares.

As for the second question, have you checked that the document holding those last pages are listed in the overview in the main Compile window? Does that document have the same format type option in the right column? And is the text box ticked for that format type?