Word count inaccurate

My word count - both the total word count in ‘statistics’ and word count for that day in ‘writing history’ doesn’t seem to be correct and is less than the words I am expecting. the total word count should be around 20k but it fluctuates from saying 20k to saying 12k. And even though i’m adding more words the writing history says 903 words for the day. It doesn’t seem to move from that.

I’m not massively techy and tried to understand what was happening from another similar post (Total word count inaccurate) but it got very technical and lost me.

Hope someone can help. I’ve had so many issues with Scrivener I’m wondering if I’ll save time by going back to Word!

Are you doing all your writing on this device, or are you synchronizing from another device, too?

The most likely reason why words wouldn’t be reflected in the statistics is that you’re creating them in a location that is excluded from the counter. See Section 20.1 in the manual for complete details on the (many) word count options.

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Hi! I use one device (my mac) to write so it’s not that…will check out the manual but let me know if you have any other thoughts!

I just reviewed the manual and that doesn’t help as it is all things I know/ have been doing (ie the statistics is set to count the whole document and I know that the word count is net, so subtracting words will impact the overall number). So still struggling with this - opened the doc today and it’s at 20k now but I’m sure it will happen again later today where it goes down to 12k.

Is the project stored with a cloud service? Having that many words “disappear” suggests that something might be moving parts of the project around behind Scrivener’s back. Which can have much more serious consequences than just inaccurate statistics.