Word Count Isn't Accurate

Hi - I love using Scrivener but one thing that I’ve found glitchy from the start is the word count. I just spent a good 15 minutes manually adding up my words for each chapter and also checked that each one was marked for compile and the word count is still a good 20k words off…word count is important to me and this is pretty frustrating. any advice? thx!

Have to see what is included in word count Ie when use statistics the first numbers include compiled documents. If look at options panel will see various choices all could impact word count. Also if counting current novel ideally make sure all scenes/chapters are marked to compile (ie check mark lower right of editor) Note option panel has options for compiled pane and selected document pane which will effect numbers.

  1. At this point, it is unlikely that Scrivener has a 20k bug in its word counting. But we do want to track down the cause of the discrepancy you are seeing — which prevents you from seeing the word count you seek.

  2. In which direction is the word count (seemingly) off? Knowing that would be diagnostically helpful.

  3. I am wondering if the totals you can see in the outline view agree with yours. If you enable the Word Count and Total Word count columns, and then select the Draft folder in the binder, you should see a simulacrum of your manual labor, i.e., Scriv’s word counts for text docs and totals for folders of docs. Is there some place where your count-up and the Outliner views count-up do not match?

  4. Just to leave no stone unturned: did you literally add up the per-chapter word counts yourself? If so, maybe it would be work verifying your total with a calculator (app) or quick spreadsheet.

What platform version of Scriv are you using, @SeanK9?

Hi - thank you both for your help. The settings in the “options choices” seem fine. I’ve been using ‘Show Project Targets’ to get my word count. It is still inaccurate: 49k vs 70k in the actual document. I checked the outline view and my math was correct and all documents seem to be checked for compile. Below are a few images but unless there is a quick and obvious solution I’m happy to just give up on ‘Show project targets’ and count using the outline going forward (I hadn’t thought to do that). Sometimes these things just take more time to figure out than they are worth!:slight_smile:
Screen Shot 2022-10-07 at 10.34.45 AM

Check your Compile settings. You have selected “Count current compile group only”, so is the current compile group the whole manuscript? Does it include all three acts?



Screen Shot 2022-10-07 at 10.34.45 AM

This is a Session Target to a Calculated deadline: how many words you still had to go, last NaNoWriMo. Not a Word Count, a Target.

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