Word Count Not Compiling

I bought Scrivener 3 for Windows today and imported some of my previous Scrivener files to test it out. I managed to get everything in the Compile working as desired, however, I noticed that it wasn’t adding the word count. It registered as 0 words until I added some new front matter, at which point it changed to 19. I’ve tried several things recommended on other forums to fix the issue, including copy/paste to a new test file, rebuilding the Search Indexes, changing the font, typing into the project, etc. Nothing seems to work, however. Note that, yes, I did make sure all my sections were checked to be included in the compile, and yes, the word count is working in the general project statistics tally.

Update: I just tried creating a completely new document that originated in Scrivener 3, and it’s doing exactly the same thing.


Where are you looking at the word count? In Statistics, Project Targets, or somewhere else?

I’m having the same issue. I have a project from 1 that was converted after I purchased 3 for Windows. When use the shortcut for Project Targets (Ctrl +,), it still has the 70,000 word target. I have about 25k words done, but it shows only 0 of 70,000. The session target also shows, but never moves from 0. I have not yet started a new project, because I’m hoping that this issue will be resolved without having to do that. There doesn’t seem to be a “refresh” for the Project Targets at all. And I’ve done a couple of writing sessions. It would be nice to see if I could get an update on the number of words produced then and how close I am to the goal.

The closest thing to a “refresh” if the Project Targets aren’t updating properly is to use the File > Save & Rebuild Search Indexes option.

The most common reason I’ve seen for incorrect Draft word count and/or an unmoving session target is if the document you are currently working on is not inside the Draft folder. The Draft word count will only ever count text written inside documents in the Draft/Manuscript folder, and same for the Session Target unless you have the “Count text written anywhere in the project” box checked under Project > Show Project Targets > Options > Session Target.

Thanks for the help. After doing the Save and Rebuild, that did take care of the session targets, but not the total project word count. I have things in binders (it’s an import from The Foolproof Outline). Everything worked fine before the import into the 3 project. I also had defined which sections were supposed to be included within the compile. That was all pre-import to the new Scriv 3. I’m not seeing the options on whether to include things in the compile now or not.

The control over the compile counts is now part of the “Statistics” compile format view.

Draft Target has the option “Only count documents set to be included in Compile”. Obviously it will include only documents included(i.e. having a checkmark) inside the File > Compile > Content pane. Also make sure that you have selected in Compile your Draft(Manuscript) folder (the combo-box at the top) and not a sub-group in your project.