Word Count: Of Cursor Position

I may be alone in this, but I’d find it helpful to see the current cursor position’s word count. I wouldn’t mind if I had to go through the menu control to obtain this. I only need it once in a while, but it’s helpful when deciding how long a scene should be and if it’s important to divide a scene.

On the Mac (and maybe on Windows, too?) you can select a chunk of text and get an immediate word count displayed at the bottom of the editor. Not exactly what you’re requesting, but kinda close?

I also want to get the word count at the cursor. I find this is really important in gauging where I am in each scene. Knowing the word count at the cursor helps to count the beats of a scene and greatly helps structure, and restructure, each document. Word has this feature, which is displayed at the bottom, and I used that all the time.

Does anyone know how to get a word count at the cursor? (In addition to the total word count). And have it permanently displayed?

You can’t display it permanently, but if you use Shift-Cmd-UpArrow you’ll get what you are looking for in the footer bar. Hit the RightArrow button to return to where you were. There are no plans to add a counter that shows lines and columns, or character counts from the top of the editor.