Word Count Off in Editor[NOTED]

I’m not sure if anyone’s noticed yet-I only noticed because I was submitting my novel for valiadation-but the word count in the editor (as opposed to the outliner) is off.

In the footer, it says that I should have 1,444 words for my current story; Nano’s validation says I only have 1, 401 words (I also checked this in MS word, which backs up Nano’s validation). I know that there are problems with the word count in the outliner, and that the progess bar moves when at zero, and other problems that are a lot more important to fix first, but I just thought I’d let someone know that the count in the editor is off as well.



Hmm, my word count is actually spot on in the editor. The editor’s count matches the outlines count and both counts come up with in one word of an OpenOffice or Microsoft Office word count. What system are you running on? In the editor, are you editing only one file, or a whole file folder full of files?

I’m on XP (with all service packs) for my system, but I’m only validating one file.

I even split the file up into three files, and then tried to match up the word count for each with MS Word, and it turned out spot-on.

I think (but not positive) that either the word count is either counting the spaces (which, I’ll be the first to admit, doesn’t make any sense, because then everyone would be in an uproar about it, and would have noticed a lot ealier) or it’s counting symbols that I use to change between POV in the same secene (this is far more likely, as I’m using the underscore symbol: ___).

I’ll have to see if the same thing shows up when I use astriks or other symbols.

I’m getting:
Scrivener - 11,000
OpenOffice and MS Word (the compiled for rtf version) - 10,990
NaNo Validator (copied and pasted from OpenOffice) - 10,992

If I had to guess, I’d say the difference between Scrivener and OpenOffice is the ten occurrences of “***”, which I’m using for transitions, but I don’t even have a guess for how the NaNo Validator got its number.

This is split between a couple of files in Scrivener, all right under the Draft, no organization by folder yet.

I’m getting counts of :

Scrivener : All documents : 14,417.

Compiled : In WORD; 14,540.
Compiled : In NaNo; 14,539.

Cannot imagine why there’s a large discrepancy; but at least the compiled counters are almost identical (and I have more than I had thought ! :stuck_out_tongue: )
I have no ‘special’ symbols that could be mis-read.
There is nothing in the compiled rtf that shouldn’t be there.

I wasn’t compiling when I tested, I was simply copying the text from scrivener to open office. This is what I get.

Scrivener: 14,205
OpenOffice: 14,210
NaNoValidator: N/A

I can not account for the slight differences. I am using – to split some scenes up but i have 14 splits, and the count isn’t off by 14. I couldn’t get to the NaNoValidator, the site was over capacity.

In my experience, all word counters work slightly different. If you were to proceed and put it into Word, Works, and WordPerfect I bet none of th counts would match. But as long as they are close like these you probably don’t have to worry too much about it.

I’m seeing the same thing (for the same reason :smiley:), and my counts are about 200 words off between them at the moment.

I have noticed that Scrivener counts hyphenated words as individual parts, rather than one word (for example, “merry-go-round” gets counted as 3, rather than 1 as it does in Word or the NaNo validator). I tend to use a lot of hyphens, so I could have enough of them to make up that difference in my counts.

No idea if it’s the same for you, though :slight_smile:

There has to be an exact reason for the differentials. So I went through and searched for hyphenated words, since that could be it.

BINGO. My word count is off by 14, and I have 14 hyphenated words in my novel. So if you are hyphen crazy, this is one of the things effecting your word count.

I went through a adjusted my hyphenated words, and my counts are now in line with each other.

I’ll have to get over the habit for this NaNo :wink:

I wish I could use the hyphen example as a reason for my discrepancy, but that would make Scrivener count higher than the others?
No that doesn’t account for mine.
“free-for-all” is counted as 3 words in scrivener as is “free for all”; and it’s 1 & 3 in word. :exclamation:

I’ve noticed a difference in the word count as well. Mine though seems to be under what the other program had it at. I don’t know if it was because it was an imported file or not. The count on the other program (a generic notebook type) was 10,239 and Scrivener had be at about 9,895. I checked with Word which showed it a bit lower than the first program at about 10,180-ish (don’t remember exact :stuck_out_tongue: ).

I’m curious, what is the NaNoWriMo validator say your word count is? That is a pretty big gap.

For the sake of a larger information pool my numbers are as follows:

Word: 7615
NaNo Validation: 7608
Scrivener: 7639

I consider all of those close enough in number to be accurate. I know that scrivener counts hyphenated words as separate words whereas Word does not and I’m a frequent hyphonater. I believe that accounts for much of my Word/Scrivener discrepancy. I don’t seem to have the 200+ word difference that others have.

I never thought to use the NaNo one since it’s a different work than my NaNo.

Turns out in NaNo editor my word count shows 6 higher than Scrivener. So I’m all good with that.

Interesting discussion. I have double checked this against the Mac platform and Windows is functioning as expected i.e. red-rosy-cheeks is counted as three words on both Scrivener platforms. In Word 2010, this is counted as 1 word only.

I know the NaNoWriMo validator counted hyphenated words as one word. If I removed all hyphens from the file, then submitted it, the word counts were nearly identical between it and Scrivener.


I tried this, but in my case, the document (16 pages) contains 56 hyphens (much used in French), and this does NOT make the difference.

Scrivener : 7931
Word : 7947 (-56 hyphens = 7891)
Works : 7975 (- 56 hyphens = 7919)

I hope all this will not make it even more complicated to you.