Word count placeholder not working

I’ve searched the forums, but my search-fu may be weak…

Has anyone else noticed the word count place holder only counts the number of words used in the Front Matter document on compile?

It used to always work for me, but lately it only reports for just that document.

After further investigation, I found an old version 1.x file that converted and compiled with the proper wordcount. I exported the “imported Scrivener 1 settings” to the current document and it compiled with the proper word count.

Something is obviously broken in the ver. 2.x compile settings, but danged if I know what it is…

Something to check are the Statistics option, for the compile format you were using. Double-click on it in the left sidebar of the main compile overview window, and then on Statistics to see if the settings are wrong.

There isn’t, at least for what should work, a way of making it so only front matter is counted though, the options available are for excluding them. So I don’t know if anything in there, all by itself, could be involved but let us know what settings you did have. Perhaps there is a malfunction in some combination of them. That resetting which Format you were using (importing the old settings) changed the behaviour, does suggest an issue there.