Word count selection

Do my eyes deceive me? There is no word count menu choice for selected text, only the entire page?

Right-click (or Ctrl-click) on the selected text. You’ll get a word and character count toward the bottom of that menu. This will be automated and integrated in the footer bar in future versions.


It’s you again. Thanx for chiming in.

No dice with your suggestion; probably cuz I’ve got v. 1.11.

I’m now trying to get that DMG for the latest version.

That has been in since the earliest versions, so should have worked in 1.11 too (although you should upgrade anyway):

Just to clarify: select some text in the main editor and then ctrl-click on it to bring up the contextual menu.

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Thanx for posting.

When I look at the graphic you generously posted, I think what the …? Even tho I duly downloaded & installed v. 1.54 (yes, I confirmed it), when I select text & do a right click, I do not get Services at the bottom of that menu.

I wonder why not?

But did you get the word count, which was your initial question?

Services are added by Snow Leopard so won’t appear there if you are using Tiger or Leopard, and even if you are running 10.6 they won’t appear there unless you have some services activated on your machine that are applicable in context - that is, the “Services” item in that menu has nothing to do with Scrivener at all but is just something Snow Leopard adds to contextual menus when it sees fit.



My original Q was how to get a word count on selected text. The answer is no.

I’ve downloaded the newest version of Scrivener & I’m running OS 10.5.8. Don’t know what gives.

Have you checked out the diagramme above? Ignore for a moment the differences in menu items between OS versions, and look at where the arrow is pointing. That greyed out text is showing the word and character count for the selected text. Make sure you have text selected, and that you right-click on the text (and not elsewhere in the window). So the answer is yes. If you don’t see that greyed out text there where the red arrow is pointing, then something is amiss. I’ve never heard of that happening though.

Amber, Keith,

Now I get it: It was grayed out so I overlooked it.

Thanx, fellas.

Problem solved.

Great! Yes, it is greyed out to indicate it has no menu function. As said, the next version will handle this better. The word and character count will be displayed in the footer bar when anything is selected, with a different colour to accentuate that it isn’t counting the entire document as per normal.