Word count to include footnote words

Is there a way to get a word count inclusive of the number of words in footnotes? Is there a way to get a word count of all the footnotes?

My prof just told me that word count is inclusive of footnotes…making things a little complicated.

I’m bumping this up as I really need some help. Anybody, please help, if you can.

Have a look in the options in Project > Project Statistics (options tab).

There’s also the Statistics panel in Compile > All Options, which has the option ‘Count Footnotes’.

I’m not sure off the top of my head exactly how these interact, so you’ll have to experiment but they look like they’ll do what you need.


I haven’t tried the methods that @brookter (thank you) posted. I did find a different, simple way. Not sure if it’s workable for your project size. You might need to do some ciphering.

In Scrivenings mode, click on a Binder folder(s) which contains footnoted documents > At the bottom of the Editor, click on Words:/Chars > In the popup window, tick box Include footnotes

The word and character counts will increase. Note that the totals change only within that popup window, not in the Editor tabulation.

Oh thanks, this is awesome!

I really wish the updated total tabulation would show at the bottom of the editor though, not just in the pop up…

Use inline footnotes instead of Inspector footnotes to see them reflected in the footer.

If you hover the mouse tooltip over the word count at the foot of the editor, you should also get a little information bubble that tells you the complete word count, including all comments and footnotes

Screenshot 2022-06-02 at 17.05.35