Word Count Tracking, Pomodoro & Calendar Progress

I’d love to have a pomodoro timer with an entry for words written in that session which is then added to a master calendar which you can look back and see not only words per day but also clicking the date would show you your session time, length, word count, and average words per hour.

This may be asking a lot but it would be pretty cool to look back and see how writing time improved over the length of a book or months and what time of day is most productive.

I second that :smiley:


I saw something mentioning that tracking would be added, but what type of tracking I don’t know.
The “project targets” is cool, but a pomodoro addition and system kind of word/work/progress/scheduler/tracker like www.Pacemaker.press would be AMAZING to have it all in one spot!

First up, Literature and Latte have never worked on the basis of users votes, so saying “I second/third this” is unlikely to have any effect on development. That’s not to say that users suggestions are ignored; in fact I think they would tell you that much of the terrific developments since v. 1.0 for Mac are the result of users suggestions. Suggestions which (a) were an enhancement in KB’s vision for Scrivener, (b) would not bring on feature bloat, and © were actually codeable within the way Scrivener works, they have made it into the app.

Secondly, have any of you read the blogs about features coming up in Scrivener 3?


Fist up, this is a forum and people are entitled to their opinions. This is a wish list. Don’t be rude.

Second, I really hope that you don’t talk from the name of LL. Every company that doesn’t listen to its users is doomed to failure.

Third, the blog post came out 22 days after this thread was started. So, yes, we do read.

If you wanna be helpful - be civilized.

Excuse me, but I was just pointing out that “I second that” has never made any difference to development, and if you read my post, you should have seen that I said that many of the major developments have been the results of user suggestions. And no, I don’t speak for L & L, but I have been using Scrivener since before the launch of Mac v. 1, and have been following posts on these forums virtually every day since January 2007, so my comments were based on that experience; and somewhere in the past history of these forums there is a post from KB stating specifically what I pointed out.

Also, FingerBlisters last post which prompted my post, was earlier today, long after the blog post which it seems to me answers many of the needs expressed.

Krastev, I believe you were the first person to be rude in this thread. Please stop.

Xiamenese does not speak for L&L, nor has he ever claimed to. With that said, we have always said that you should purchase Scrivener (or not) based on its ability to meet your needs now, not in anticipation of future enhancements.

I can’t talk about the roadmap beyond the previously announced features of Scrivener 3. However, I would say that the kind of detail the OP describes has been requested off and on since Scrivener 1, and has previously been seen as out of scope for the program.


Yep, viewtopic.php?f=4&t=312

It looks like that there is a group of elite users in this forum which opinion is more important than the opinion of rest of the plebeians like me, so much that, the LL feel the need to defend them.

Katherine, would you be so kind to inform me how must I express my support for an idea, posted in the ‘Wish List’ area in this forum, if not by +1, in such manner that I do not break any rules or offending anybody important.

Thank you,

I hope you don’t believe that every newcomer has the time to read every post from 11 years ago and to assume that what was relevant at the time is still applicable.

The wishlist is a conversation, not a list of demands. There are no hostage takers, no negotiators, and no SWAT team. We’re all trying to make Scrivener even better, coming at it from different angles, and we all need to work together for some balance. Nobody is getting voted off the island. This is a community, if that’s what you mean by “elite users” – and like most communities, it takes time to learn your way around. Someone who has been here a while and knows the ropes is trying to help you out – not attack you. Perhaps take a step back and decide not to take offense?

Maybe the best way to express support is to spend a little bit of time explaining how a proposed feature would make your workflow better. The times when I’ve seen KB change his mind about an idea is when someone (or a group of someones) can clearly explain “this is how I do things, and this is why this feature would make that rock for me” in a way that isn’t condescending or full of expectation. Then others chime in, and KB realizes, “oh, hey, this is a bigger issue than I realized,” and then collaboration magic happens. The results sometimes are, “here are existing features that can do close,” sometimes are “we have no plans to implement that, but the community can suggest this combination of tools to get you close,” and sometimes are “I have been persuaded that even though this is a feature I would never use, enough people would – and it’s not too hard to implement so that it will take a ton of dev/support time – so I will implement it.”

It’s all good.

The problem was not your support for the idea. (Although, describing how it would improve your personal situation might be more useful than just saying “Me too.”)

Rather, the problem was your confrontational response to xiamenese.

As devinganger notes, this is a conversation.


A terrific summary.

First, just wanted to say that I was in the WISH LIST thread to post my WISH LIST items. I did so, without attitude or DEMANDS. :unamused:

Second, I agree w/ Krastev. Xiamenese was kinda rude. His tone was very condescending. Expecting new people to read ALL forums is ridiculous. Xiamense, you should watch your tone in how you speak to people. You mis-represent the goodness that is L & L by assuming you can boss people around and correct them on their “incorrect” behavior. Boo to you.

& Last…

Wow… I’m really surprised by you people. :astonished: Xiamenese started this with his/her 'tude. The rest of you jumping into a convo and ganging up is way not cool. I’m never coming back to this nasty place. I thought writers were nicer than this.

Shame on all of you condescending “I’ve been here longer than you”-and there’s invisible rules you must follow, elitist wanna-be’s.

That’s not how “community” works.

Fortunately, I won’t hold this against L & L.
But they shouldn’t let this kind of nastiness happen by their “older” members. :unamused:

Buy Bye forever.

And one last thing, Xiamenese,
The AMAZING blog post showing some of my WISH LIST items (btw…super excited about that. Thanks L&L!) will be released in 2018 was posted October 18 – “LONG AFTER” I posted my original WISH LIST item.
Chill out Xiamenese, or you’re gonna make other L & L customers hate the forums like you did for me.
Buh Bye

I’m closing this thread. Anyone who would like to discuss their wish for word tracking capabilities in Scrivener should feel free to start another one.