Word Count Wrong

After a crash I posted about, I notice that my total word count was low. Then I noticed this:


Note that the word count shows zero. I selected all the text, deleted it, and pasted it back, and now the word count show 956.

Word counts are important. Can you tell me what happened and how to avoid it in the future?


I had experienced the same thing with a word document I had imported into scrivener - 0 words, and also after a crash/restart - word count went to 0 in each document in my draft. Rather than deleting and repasting, I selected All in each doc, and selecting a font (the same one in this case) made the word count reappear.

Not a way to prevent - but a work around which doesn’t involve scary deleting.

Got the same thing today when I dragged and dropped a document from another project in Scriv.

Try Tools->Save and Rebuild Search Indexes.

Those counts likely come from an internally-tracked plain-text copy of your documents, which can get out of sync from the formatted text in your editor.

I have the same problem at least once in every project. Sometimes shutting down Scrivener and restarting it will work, but sometimes it won’t. Changing the font in the affected scenes does work, but that’s a lot of work to go through every time. And these are scenes I’ve typed into Scrivener–no copy/pasting is happening in the original creation.

For me, it was a Compile issue.

Go to File —> Compile and check that you have ticked the folders or whatever that you want included in your word count.

I’m having this problem, as well. - that is, some of the text folders within chapters of my novel show a 0 word count in the editor. I finally found a way to fix it - tedious and shouldn’t be necessary, but it works and it’s simple.
Copy and cut all the text in the document. Then paste it. Voilà - a word count appears…
Strange but true.

This seems to have fixed the word count going up and down constantly, thanks. My writing history is still registering the resyncing as a -2.3k word day :(( Seem accurate tho, having compelled the entire manuscript doc into word, it is the same word count as Scrivener is now registering. Rip my stats :frowning: