Word Count

Word count no longer displays at the bottom of the window, only a character count. Did I accidentally switch it off somehow? Or is it a bug?

If it’s cockpit trouble, how do I fix it? (I’ve been poking around in menus for the last fifteen minutes, haha.)

Go into Projects and click Project Targets. A window pops up. On the lower right hand corner it will have drop down menu for ‘words’ or ‘characters’. Just select ‘words’ and that should reset your document count.

@Scribbles02 thanks for the response. It was already set to word count. Tried switching them around and then back, but still just a character count in the center of the progress bar.

I don’t use the target function. But I do like to look down occasionally and check my word count while I’m writing.

I have tried setting a project target word count (with all the settings set to word count rather than character count) and it still only displays the progress in character count.

Edit: I can, of course, still click on the character count to see the word count in a popup menu.

Check File > Options > Editing > Options. There should be an option for “Live counts show” with a dropdown menu. If that is set to Characters this could be an easy fix :slight_smile:

@thePhilosoraptor : That did it. Thanks!