Word Counts - Wrong

Not sure if anyone else is having problems and I’ve only noticed this since the last update (Version:

The word counts for the writing session are being logged incorrectly. They start correct however once I change documents, it jumps and seems to do some funny maths borrowing word counts from previous days/taking into account the document’s target word count, then tells me that I have reached the day’s target. It’s screwing with the writing history too - e.g. yesterday’s word count has now jumped into today’s and now has a value of 0 when it should have been 520 words. Today, I have written 44 words but the writing history has it as 564?

I seem to get it a lot when I hit the document’s target word count or change documents.

Anyone else having issues/know how to fix this?

Same. My Writing History is absolute rubbish, including some projects having words added before the file was created, some having unrelated to reality numbers (like, numbers updated in 3 days for a particular month, when I know I was writing daily). My writing for November is logged as:

The negative number is the result of splitting a bigger project into 2, due to size, so that’s OK, but other than that, I’ve written a total of 46k words in the last 2, writing DAILY, and there is no sign of that - most of that writing seems assigned to 1.11, rest to two random days. Also, not sure what the difference between “Draft” and “Other” is here and how it counts me writing 63 words in Other, and negative 69 in Draft, when I’ve in fact written 1600+ words…
I’ve already raised the question on the forum, but I don’t think anyone picked it up.

I don’t know if my issue is related or a completely different word count bug, but I’ve had several scrivenings show wrong word counts (both times after scrivener shut down unexpectedly due to laptop issues (battery died without warning, and windows crashed)

The count is always less than it should be. If highlight the complete text I get a word count return such as “Selection: 1,234 words (of 1,133)” The selection being the correct word count and higher than the word count total shown. If I wasn’t obsessively tracking my word count during Nano I would not have noticed. If I duplicate the messed up scrivening, the duplicate version counts correctly again, so at least it’s easily fixed once you find the ones that are affected-- that process though is a lengthy 0ne of “click in scrivening, select all, compare word counts, select next scrivening, repeat.”

I think it’s separate issues, but who knows.
Also, you may be better off trying to just edit a particular document (add one letter and remove) without going through duplication and removal. I had this happen a few times and usually just starting to type in the document made the count jump to correct one.

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I’ve experienced the same issue - and through trial and error, I found editing the document worked e.g. deleting a line from the document reset the count to the correct value.

I hadn’t noticed any correlation with my laptop restarting but looking back, there have been a few times where windows has updated and restarted with Scrivener still open, so will keep a look out for this.

Additionally, I am experiencing the same as in comment two where I am getting negative counts retroactively, sometimes frustratingly erasing the true word count for that day.

It is annoying since I had been using the writing history to track my writing consistency but this is nigh on useless now.

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