Word Counts


I first purchased a copy of mac OS scrivener back in 2007. I’ve just purchased a licence for the windows 10 version, and am loving using it again; I’m primarily using it for business and academic writing.

I’m loving the project target setting, and the individual document/text targets. Is there any way to do the following with regards to word count?

  1. Some of my documents are tables or figures that I want to exclude from the overall wordcount. How can I exclude documents from the word count? There seems to be some sort of inclusion mechanism, but it looks like it’s dependent on the compile inclusion. I’d like to be able to exclude things like reference pages, table pages and so on from the word count.

  2. is there anyway to display target and actual word counts for each document in either the binder or the outliner view?

  3. Finally, if setting a document level target, is there anyway to see the relationship between the individual document targets and the overall project target?

  4. Anyway to display document word counts on each card in the corkboard view?

I’ve had a look around but can’t find this. Again, love this software and this is a minor thing