Word Doc import

I have imported a short story from WORD. How do I split it into discrete “chunks” or scenes so I can freely move said chunks around? I tried the “split” option and all it did was put the selected text on a new page and rename it. I want it all in one document, but moveable.

In Word it’s just one long file, one document. In Scriv it’s not. Scriv’s equivalent of Word’s “document” (or file) is “project”. Within the project you can split the text into parts: documents, and folders containing documents.
What you referred to as “a new page” was such a new document. You can look at them independently or all together. If you move them around, perhaps using the cork board view, the text moves around.

I suggest you get yourself one of the introductory ebooks about Scrivener, read it, and try to forget Words way of handling text.

Thanks for your help.I am getting away from Word. However, the story I imported is a long document and I need to reverse engineer to get my story in chapters or chunks.

Then you’re doing the right thing. The length of the original Word .doc version is irrelevant. Import that old .doc file and split it at the points where you think it needs it. You might want to give those new Scrivener documents better names. Then drag-and-drop those now Scrivener documents around in the Binder—you do have the Binder visible don’t you? (View > Layout > Show Binder or Cmd-Alt-B or click on the Binder button in the tool bar [the one of the left])—to reflect the reverse engineering you want to achieve.

When you’ve split that old Word document into the necessary Scrivener documents you can think about Chapters by creating Folders in the Binder (Project > New Folder or Cmd-Alt-N or click-and-hold the green + button in the toolbar). You can change the names of those folders if you wish. Drag and drop the documents into the folders for their chapters. Jobs a good 'un.

After that you can edit the documents in Scrivener. You might also want to use Scrivenings mode by selecting to or more of these now Scrivener documents. (View > Scrivenings or Cmd-1) This gets you away from thinking Scrivener has created new pages.