Word Frequency

Is there a way within Scrivener to get a WORD FREQUENCY report. This would be handy as I have a tendency to overuse certain words and it would be useful to select a paragraph and be presented with a report indicating words used sorted from most to least.

I could export the text to other software and get this info, but it would be nice to have it native in Scrivener. Possible? Maybe a feature request? Anyone found a simple way to achieve this?

Watch this video: literatureandlatte.com/videos/index.html

Statistics (seventh one down)

And note the section on view>statistics>text statistics.

Or read the help section on the View menu. The tip on using edit scrivenings is very helpful.


Text statistics has word frequency analysis. You’ll need to drop-down the arrow to reveal the table and graphs. You can click on the column headers to sort. If you need to count frequency for more than one document at once, use Edit Scrivenings.

On occasion, I’ll cut and paste some of my work into Wordle, which gives you a visual sense of which words are cropping up a lot. It’s certainly less precise, but it’s fun.

(Also, the purist in me needs to say: if you’re on your first draft, don’t worry about stuff like this. Get it all down first.)

Thanks Amber,

As always, your suggestions are so helpful.

I cannot wait for 2.0! Can’t imagine Scrivener being any more useful or “friendly.”

Be well,