Word, pdf, edits back into scrivener

Dear someone,

I am a Mac user.

So I want to compile and export my project into a word file. This is how my publisher is used to reading and commenting my work. No problem to make word files if they are all separate, but for compile and export I can only seem to get it into a pdf.

Also, what about page break. In this pdf, everything just flows after the other, which does not work for me.

And the third thing: If I manage to create such a word document and the publisher puts all her notes in it, how do I get it all back into scrivener so that I can work on my second draft there?

Please and thank you!

Hello Tyra, and welcome to the forum.

Since you are new to Scrivener, I recommend starting with working through Scrivener’s Interactive Tutorial, which you can access via Scrivener’s Help menu. It is a demonstration Scrivener project, and working through it will take about an hour or so. It’s a good way to get a better understanding of Scrivener and some of its tools and features.

For compiling, we have a 4-part video series titled “Getting Your Work Out” on the Mac tutorial videos page. Those videos demonstrate using the built-in compile formats as well as show the customization process. Seeing them might be helpful so that you can see how to get Word docs formatted the way you’d like from the compile process.

If your editor uses Word’s Track Changes tools, then you will need to resolve those changes in Word and before you import the edited material back into Scrivener. Scrivener does not have the ability to manage Track Changes.

It can, however, import any marginal comments your editor made in those Word documents. In Section 9.1 of the Scrivener manual, you can read more about importing documents into Scrivener. And, you can access a PDF of the manual via Scrivener’s Help menu.

Hi and thank you!

I have acually done that Tutorial, which took me a lot longer than an hour, so maybe I am a bit slow. But of course I will revisit. The videos sound good and I will check them out too.

Thank you for your help and suggestions.

I wouldn’t say taking longer than an hour with the Tutorial is slow. I prefer to think of it as “thorough.” (Likely because it took me longer than an hour too, the first time I went through it. :grinning:)

I think my favorite thing about that Tutorial is that it can be reset and used again. That flexibility allows a new user to get an overview of what’s available and then start using some of the basic features. And, they can return to the Tutorial later and explore the more advanced features when they’re ready to use them.

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As a quick help: in the main Compile dialogue box there is a pop-up menu at the verry top of the sheet with a Compile For setting. Sounds like that is currently set to PDF. You need to change that to Word doc. Then you can see better what compiling to Word is giving you – and see what other issues you need to resolve – like page breaks where you want them or whatever.

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A late thank you! Got stuck in writing, but now ready to try this again.