Word proofing language is always US English on compiled docs

Every time I compile my story into docx, the resulting Word document’s proofing language is always US English. My Win 10 PC is set up to use UK English as the only language, having deleted US English in Windows, and Word is also set up to use English (UK) also as the only language. However, when my compiled documents open, my English words are underlined as spelling errors because the Proofing Language (Review, Language, Set Proofing Language) is English (United States). When I the select English (UK) and Set As Default, the language changes but does not persist to the next Word session. On documents not created by the Scrivener compiler, the proofing language is UK English.

Obviously, I now know how to circumvent the problem, but it would be good if I didn’t have to, so I’ve filed this as a bug.



One thing you could try is going through the various Export converters for DOCX files under File > Options > Sharing > Conversion and see if any of them fix the issue.

Hello amickie

I had no idea that there was any choice in the selection of export or import convertors! DOCX and DOC were set to the default converter, Aspose. The only alternative to DOCX was Microsoft Office, so I’ve changed to that and the compiled stories now appear in a Word document which is set to use UK English.

Is Aspose’s language configurable?

Many thanks for your good advice!

Yay! Glad that worked. Basically, Scrivener generates DOCX files by creating an RTF file and then piping it through a third-party converter, so I’m thinking this is something that would need to be fixed by Aspose. We’ll certainly keep it under the bug tag for now though so one of the developers can look into it.