Word sees German text as English

It’s the same problem here with German. All settings are correct (German) - but it compiles the Word doc in English. Annoying as hell.
Any solve for this bug?

As noted upthread, this is probably a Word issue.

If you create a German document in TextEdit, then open it in Word, what happens?

It opens as a german text.

Btw: I had no issues with my old Scrivener. And sorry: This is the wrong board, I use Windows. (Search function for the issue, did not check the board before)

I’ve split your posts out of the thread and moved to the Scrivener for Windows board. This is with Scrivener 3?

TextEdit is a Mac application. What did you use to create the test file with Windows?

The same in Dutch. Just Ctrl + A, Double-click the language in the footer of Word and double-click German. Done.

Thanks a lot and sorry for the wrong posting.
There is TextEdit for Windows, I installed it. (And I tested with Notepad++ - same result).

I tried this before but the settings jump immediately back to English (US)

But I thank you! Dank je voor je hulp! (I’m living five kilometers from the Netherlands … :grinning: )

In Word? Really? That never happend to me. How’s that even possible?

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Yes! I’m working with Word for years now (and also with Scrivener) - but I have never seen such a behaviour. I did not believe it, but it happens every single try.

… and sorry: Yes. Scrivener 3.
I am an experienced Scrivener-user, working with this wonderful! program for years and two dozen books - and other text projects. This ist the first time I can’t fix something. ^^

When I Compile my project (in Polish, and set so in Scrivener), the outcome Word file has also the language set to English. And while I can mark & set a different language, it is a bit annoying, because my files are 150+ pages, so it takes a while. And on every Compile I have to do it again and again.
Luckily, once set for the file in Word, it stays so.