word stays highlighted

Hello. I copied and pasted the word “over”, and the next time I opened Scrivener every occurrence of “over” in the document was highlighted (in pink) and won’t unhighlight unless I delete and retype each occurrence. Somehow “over” ended up in the “find” box, and even if I delete it there or replace it with another work, it reappears when I quit and reopen, along with the pink highlights. Please help.

Seem to have fixed it. First I went to TextEdit and unchecked Smart Copy/Paste, then an updated request popped up, so I did that. Still no change so I restarted computer, reopened Scrivener, problem was still there until I moved around in the document a bit, then suddenly the unwanted highlights disappeared. I guess if it happens again I’ll post it to the Bugs forum.

You may have the search results selected in your project, rather than the binder; they’re located in the same space, usually with “Binder” and a “Search Results” tabs you can select. When you use the project search, it highlights the search terms in your results, but might not update the highlights while you’re typing, but making sure to select the Binder instead of the search tab, you should get rid of this issue.

If this all seems like gibberish, search for a word like “the” using the toolbar search field to see how that looks, then look at View->Collections and locate the Binder tab. You can then return to the search results the same way.

Thanks. Actually sounds like a useful feature, now that I know about it.