Word target for folder?

I’m working on a non-fiction project, and will have different sections with different word targets. Is there a way to handle that in Scrivener within a single project? For example, while I’m writing Section Z (the first one I have to finish), I only care about that section’s word totals. When I’m done with Section Z, I’d like to leave it and move on to Section B, at which point I want to ignore Section Z’s words and only worry about the words I’m adding to Section B. And in the meantime, each section will contain multiple documents. (Otherwise I know I could use an individual document’s word target.)

Hope that doesn’t sound too complicated. I really don’t want to make a separate project for each chapter just because I’m delivering them in batches like I described.


The most convenient way to set totals for sub-components of the project is via the Outline view. Make sure the Target column is enabled. Note that these are completely separate from the overall Project Target. See Section 20.1 in the manual for a detailed discussion of Scrivener’s statistics tools.

That’s what I was missing! Thanks, kewms. I didn’t know to add Targets as a column, and didn’t see any other way to set the target for a folder. This will work.