Word wrap for doc title in Binder and Outline View

Scrivener is my workhorse. I used it to write (and sell!)three books last year, and without it I would not be able to make my living as a fulltime writer.

I use the document titles for outlining, then write use the binder as a the main point of reference. It’s a really very fast way to work!

The snag is that the titles have to be sentence length and this can cause space problems:

Worse, of course, if I swap from my desktop to the constrained space of my laptop.

Any chance you could make the titles wrap or have an option to wrap?

Title wrap will be implemented in the outliner when titles and synopses become part of the same column (planned for a future update), but there are no plans to allow title wrap in the binder, which is not intended for that sort of thing.

All the best,

That sounds promising!

Will the Outliner be getting a full revamp?

I’m only using the Binder because at the moment Outline view is hard to write from:
-A fiddle to synchronise with the text panels.
-A fiddle to switch columns on and off.
-Arrow keys don’t work for shifting files around (major issue!)

(I don’t know how other people work, but I need the situational awareness of working with some kind of outline open.)

Yes, we plan a full revamp of the outline view. The Mac version’s outline view is a lot more refined at the moment, but even that is getting a revamp and the Windows version will be brought in line with the revamps planned for the Mac version. The arrow movement keys should work in the outliner and that is on the list for fixing, and writing in the titles and synopses areas should be much more fluid in general. Because the frameworks the Windows version is using is a bit more rigid with the outliner, it’s a little harder to work with and refine, but all that work is planned for the next major paid update.

Brilliant! Thanks for taking the time to explain.

Does anyone know when the ability to wrap titles in Outline view will become available on Windows? The current situation makes it pretty tricky to really do much with the title field…

Being able to wrap titles in the binder would also be good, in my opinion, irrespective of what its ‘intended’ for!

For some uses—especially in planning stages—it can be useful to put longer bits of text into the title field. Having to resize panes and columns to make it visible prevents this usefulness from being realised.