Wordcount and progress bars in Outliner - some questions

The fact that there is a Total Target column is lovely, since I had to manually sum up in the previous version, but…

  1. Is there an option to STOP showing “words” in Total Target? The way it looks now is very messy if I want a narrower column:
  2. Is there a chance for the Total Target for files to be editable? As it is, I need to keep both Total and Target visible in the outline, if I want to fix some entry.
  3. How does the Progress Bar work exactly? I tried to turn the “smooth transition” on and off again, but it seems I can get only blue and green, no matter what the percentage is. Shouldn’t there be some orange or yellow for “below 25%” or something like this? Is there a chance in the future to set user’s own thresholds and colours?
    For me, currently (with “smooth transition” checked), it looks like this, which basically… doesn’t tell me much, colour-wise:

I TOTALLY second the motion. And it’s just one extra thing to deal with when pulling it into Excel. And it’s not like they don’t already have a SEPARATE COLUMN for Characters / Words related to a different column…

Well, that COULD make a difference if someone is using mixed Target type in the project, so they want to see which ones are which, but I’d bake a cake for someone who would introduce an option to hide these :slight_smile:

A question related to progress bars. The manual says:
Target progress bars use smooth transition between colors By default, the
three colours you use for progress bar display (in the editor footer bar
and Project Targets window) will be gradually blended as you type. When
this feature is disabled, the progress bar will “snap” from one colour to
the next at the 50% and 100% marks. If you prefer a more noticeable
indication of when you’ve reached a goal, this can be a useful option.

Which is all very well… But at the same time I can only see blue (not done) and green (>100%) as visible colours. I don’t see any difference between <50% and >50%. And this seems to be the only place in the manual that even mentions this magical third colour or the 50% mark.

I could get the “midway” mark if on EVERY document I manually set the “Minimum target” at half-the-target, but from the description in the manual I was expecting this to be kind of… in-built? And setting this value for every document is not feasible, since for each I’d have to open the little dialog window separately and set it.

Either the functionality should be there (to be “salmon” below 50% and blue over it) or this section should be corrected in the manual.

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Can be found here:
[attachment=0]Screenshot 2021-05-14 162318.png[/attachment]
Note that the default midway color and the default start color are the same.

There are a number of ways to set this up before you start writing: setting up a project template with scenes already set and/or creating a scene template and assigning it to the Chapter folder (can be done after starting work on your project). Setting minimum targets after you start writing in the project is sort of useless, so why try to set a minimum on them?

You can set the midway color for yourself, so… FWIW, I don’t set any targets because I don’t need the extra pressure to write. When I do look at word count, it is usually towards the end of the project and after going through some of the major editing process. I can also go to the writing history to see how much/little I have done daily. Knowing that I can set targets whenever I need them and how to do it is a good thing.

And here’s me, trying to find this in the manual… Thank you :slight_smile:

Nah, that was just a desperate attempt to find some prosthesis for what I needed.

It helps me to manage the scale of work. I know that certain scenes (by their character) will be of a certain size, so I can assign that to see the scale of the entire section. I don’t write by chapters, so it’s entire acts that are my “containers”. Especially if I have something that’s maybe written-but-needs-more, I can assign appropriate Target and see how much I’m still missing in the act. My internal OCD creature is happy then :slight_smile:

Thank you for the help. Too much dependence on the manual seems to be a weakness.